TikTok’s Game-Changer: The Arrival of AutoScroll to Transform Your Video Browsing Experience

TikTok serves as a soothing distraction for those seeking an escape from the chaotic state of the world. 

However, a significant inconvenience interrupts the blissful experience: the need to manually swipe for the next video. 

While this may seem like a minor grievance, relief might be on the horizon. An upcoming AutoScroll feature promises to eliminate the need for constant finger movement, allowing users to lean back and effortlessly indulge in a continuous stream of content.

TikTok’s distinctive feature involves looping the current video endlessly, a characteristic that can lead to mishaps when the phone is set down during activities like tooth brushing. 

AutoScroll presents a solution by discontinuing the looping and automatically progressing to the next video once the current one concludes. This functionality, reminiscent of YouTube’s auto-scroll, where users have enjoyed uninterrupted video consumption since 2014, offers a reprieve from the incessant swiping.

While TikTok has not officially announced the AutoScroll feature, reports from early 2023 suggest that it has been quietly rolled out to some users. Well, Social media chatter indicates a broader distribution in recent weeks. TikTok, however, has remained tight-lipped in response to inquiries about AutoScroll’s status.

Major platforms often conduct real-world tests before an official feature release. 

Nearly a year has passed since users first spotted the AutoScroll feature, and its expanded availability could indicate an imminent standardization. Yet, there remains a possibility for TikTok to either proceed with the rollout or abandon the feature entirely, leaving users to continue manual scrolling. Nevertheless, a substantial number of users already enjoy access to AutoScroll.

To check if you’re one of them, tap and hold on any video in the For You or Following feed. If you possess AutoScroll, you’ll notice a button alongside other features like Report, Not Interested, and Captions. 

However, To deactivate it, tap and hold again and select Manual Scroll.


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